local culturalization services

afterthemove | Providing local culturalization in the greater Grand Rapids community | Helping families integrate after relocation | moving to Grand Rapids


why provide destination services to new hires?

over 60% of failed relocations are due to the family not the employee.

relocating is the 3rd most stressful event in a person’s life.

retention saves money.

providing services to address the physical & emotional transition is key to a successful move for your new employee and their family.




personalized to help you & your family begin life in Grand Rapids.

obtain legal documents

obtain legal documents

- driver’s license & insurance
- social security numbers
- bank accounts & credit cards
- understand traffic rules & regulations

learn where to shop for home necessities

learn where to shop for home necessities

- grocery & specialty stores
- farmer’s markets & bakeries
- furniture, appliances & vehicles
- internet, cable & phone service

discover schools & healthcare

discover schools & healthcare

- public, private & many more
- pediatricians, dentists & urgent care
- housekeepers, nannies & babysitters

explore recreation & entertainment

explore recreation & entertainment

- parks, trails, sports & health clubs
- camping & summer festivals
- restaurants & wine tours
- theaters, museums & music/art venues

get connected

Get Connected 

- find friends, activities & local culture
- volunteer in your community or school
- search for a job
- engage in conversational English