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"afterthemove did a great job tailoring advice exactly to our family's needs." G.G. | Germany



"It is hard to put into words how great it was to know someone that I could ask all kinds of questions at a very early stage. About places to go shopping, where to live, things to do.”

J.B. | Germany


"afterthemove saved me 2 to 3 months of stress and uncomfort by sharing great knowledge about grocery stores, kids activities and the health system. they helped us understand the every day life of an American family and how as Europeans we could bridge both cultures.

K.G. | France

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"I moved to Grand Rapids from Detroit Metro. I thought it wouldn't be a big transition, but after a couple of months, I was still trying to find things around. afterthemove understood our needs and was a great resource to know the city.”

P.A. | India


“I wish we had this service with our move from Europe to Canada because it would have been much easier to get settled. Now only after a few months, Grand Rapids feels like home.”

M.V. | Canada & Germany

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